Mystic River Productions

Mystic River Productions



A young boy and his friends, race against time, skeptics, local hunters and two mysterious agents to return a newly discovered baby Bigfoot named Red, safely back to her family.

A Brief Synopsis

Cypress Falls, a small tourist town known for the first original Bigfoot sighting, is no stranger to a Bigfoot encounter story. But when Timothy Ferguson, a young local boy, claims that Bigfoot spoke to him, the news spreads quickly raising red flags at the North American Wooded Ape Conservatory NAWAC agency, who sends out two agents, Hoss & Honeycutt to investigate. Met with skepticism at every turn, Ferg must work hard to convince his best friends, The B-Team, that Bigfoot needs their HELP, now more than ever. Things get "hairy" ;) when the kids uncover a town hoax that leads them to the biggest discovery Cypress Falls has ever seen, Baby Bigfoot. The B-Team must now find a way to keep little Red safe and under the radar, while getting her back to her family on the busiest day of the year, Bigfoot Discovery Day.