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Mystic River Productions


The Earth is Hollow is both a novel manuscript and a screenplay, set to become both a book and a feature film. Written by Steven Mantsourani, the property is owned equally by Joel Greenberg (Mystic River Productions) and Steven Mantsourani, who have a co-producer agreement with each other.

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”
~Frederick Douglass


The Earth is Hollow is a compelling coming-of-age story of two friends, as told from the depths of corruption that feeds the vicious cycle of poverty, yet shines with hope that triumphs over experience, and love that is stronger than death.

A Brief Synopsis

Hidden in the Appalachian mountains lies Berkeley County, Kentucky, the poorest part of America, and home to 14-year old Tuesday Hamell, a modest student, obedient, caring and helpful – the kind of girl who would make any competent parent proud... But Tuesday has a secret.
Despite her drunkard father constantly slamming her hopes, dreams, and her head, Tuesday strives for success, and a good life beyond Appalachia. Her desire – to take her crush, Danny Crawford, with her. But they are stuck in a sick and twisted part of the hills, where immoral activity is the norm. Violent, sadistic fights between young boys are secretly held for gamblers and dark web customers, compliments of Sheriff McCabe, who doubles as the “puppeteer” of the region's kidfights. And the consequences are clear – if Danny doesn't win, McCabe's threats of harm to his family, including keeping his father unjustly imprisoned, will. When McCabe then puts Tuesday on his radar, life becomes a nightmare, and she realizes if she and Danny are to survive, they must seek adequate adult help in Berkeley County, where adequate adults are in very short supply.