Mystic River Productions

Success Stories


Richard Meehan

Rich grew up on Cape Cod in Eastern Massachusetts. He was introduced to acting in 2009, and a couple years later we gave him his first speaking role in "My Hometown,". Joel was so impressed with Rich that he set up a meeting for him in Los Angeles with a talent management firm who signed him instantly. At 17, Rich moved to L.A. to pursue his career full-time, appearing in "Missing William," "NCIS: NEW ORLEANS," "LAW AND ORDER, SVU," Matthew McConaghey's HBO series "TRUE DETECTIVES," and "911 LONE STAR."


Mark Munford

Mark grew up in Peabody, MA, and Joel discovered him at the local skate park. So I guess you can say, he cast his film literally at the skate park, or at least part of it because as soon as Joel saw Mark, he knew he not only looked like the character, he WAS the character. Mark had never acted in anything, not even as an extra, when he met Joel. But Joel's hunch in casting Mark proved to be a great eye for talent. For that first movie, You Have the Right to Remain Violent, Mark beat over 2000 other kids from around the world at a film festival in Hollywood, where he won Best Young Actor in a Feature Film and took home the Grand Jury Prize. He then got a call from a Hollywood manager who wanted to sign him immediately, based on the film's trailer and other media he found online of Mark. But life took over... Although he starred in 4 feature films with Joel, and still today has an interest in acting for the screen, Mark got married, had a child, and has stepped away from the acting scene to raise his son. But Mark likes to quote Arnold Schwarzenegger when ever he's asked about it. I'll be back. And he's too good not to be. Mark says acting and meeting Joel saved his life - literally - when he was going down the wrong path. Mark hasn't always had it easy, but he's never let that get in his way. He will tell you how being part of Mystic River (or at the time Jomar Motion Pictures) gave him a reason to be here on this planet and become great. It also allowed him to be in shots with Emily Osment in the film Soccer Mom, and to work with and have lunch literally right next to Mel Gibson on the set of Edge of Darkness. Mark is one of our few talents who has seen the insides of Warner Bros in the areas where the tours don't go, and participated in some post production work of ours there on the lot. He also got to rub elbows with numerous celebrities including but not limited to Charlie Sheehan, Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Bieber, Jay Leno, Ryan Merriman, Jack Black, Tim Allen, Shia Lebeouf, Kirstie Alley, Flavor Flav, and the last remaining Muchkin of Oz, the Lollipop Kid – Jerry Maren.