Mystic River Productions

Mystic River Productions


A Brief Synopsis

When senior in high school, Rich Dickson (RYAN MERRIMAN) is failing and told he will not graduate, a teacher gives him one final chance to pass for the year if he makes a movie about why his hometown is such a great place to live. Only one problem... Rich believes it isn't.

And with that sentiment, he sets out to make his masterpiece, which will be shown at graduation in front of the entire school.

Rich contacts his local buddies Reese Bieber (MARK MUNFORD) who is a local thespian, and Jay J. Goldberg (CASEY MARGOLIS) who owns the nicest camera in town, to help him make his film. And as filming begins, they accidentally stumble upon what may be an unjust firing of their school custodian... or is it? The boys decide to investigate... did the janitor commit a sexual act to get him fired or is this all made up - a political nonsense firing? This becomes the focus of their movie, and what they capture will leave you laughing hysterically from beginning to end.

Will the local idiot graduate? Will his moronic friends succeed in life?

You may be surprised.

The Cast