Mystic River Productions

Mystic River Productions


A Brief Synopsis

"Sometimes the biggest battles are fought at home."

Ever since he became the target of local bullies, childhood battles on a secluded island have plagued 11 year old Randy Scott. The Coltraine brothers don war paint and terrorize the other kids. Simon, especially, is merciless, bragging that fists bounce off him, earning him the nickname "Ironsides." At home, Randy's father, a low level boxer, not proud of how he earns a living, begs his bruise covered son to make peace with the Coltraines. But at the Coltraine's home, they are taught to fight by their alcoholic, militant father, who enforces sadistic training and beats both them and their mother. When Randy's dad leaves town to fight his final boxing match before retiring, Randy remains in the care of his crippled aunt. Fighting with Simon and his brothers for control of the island, Randy struggles with his dad's wish that he make peace, trying hard to make his old man proud. But when Mr. Coltraine's "training" goes too far, Randy must intervene to save Simon - his enemy's - life. The physical abuse Simon is forced to endure from his father, combined with Randy's desire to make his dad proud and secure peace with his enemies, soon make both boys realize that perhaps their best hope.... is each other.

The Cast