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A witty, ambitious teen decides to lead a small group of his friends (including a girl he has a crush on) into the woods on an expedition to locate an allegedly lost treasure — despite the warnings of his telepathic sister — and soon the crew gets lost and is stalked by an unseen killer, intent on cooking his victims into a tasty feast.

A Brief Synopsis

Ricky is a clever teen, with a bit of a rebellious streak and an intense desire to go on expeditions for hidden "treasures." When his parents go away for the weekend, they leave him with the responsibility of taking care of his sister Harmony, who is afflicted with cerebral palsy. Harmony is quite intelligent herself, and is gifted with a sort of "second sight." She spends countless hours online chatting with friends around the world. In any event, Ricky's best friend Tate comes over. (Tate is constantly filming everything he can for his social media channels.) Ricky enlists him and two other friends to go on a hunt in a local forest for some allegedly long-lost Revolutionary War coins. Harmony warns against this, but Ricky has made up his eager mind. When the gang reaches the forest, all seems to be going according to plan until they lose reception and become utterly lost. They then encounter a good-looking, affable hiker named Adam, who tries to help steer them back on course. Yet darkness falls and the group finds themselves in an even bigger hole: an actual, literal one, that they have fallen into, and become helplessly trapped in. Now, an unseen presence begins picking them off, one by one. Ultimately, Ricky is able to use his cunning to escape the hole and the dark forest. But when he returns home, there is a much bigger surprise waiting for him...
CRISPY is a horror/thriller feature film, written and directed by Joe Leone, and captured in classic "found footage style" through the lens of Tate's camcorder.

The Cast