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MYSTIC RIVER PRODUCTIONS is owned by Joel Greenberg.


Since 1981, as "Jammin Joel," JOEL A. GREENBERG was a top mobile disc jockey in the Boston area, and radio personality, who created PARTY WITH THE STARS where local youth got to meet their favorite Hollywood teen idols. He also set up mobile events with several WWE wrestling superstars with himself as the emcee. In the late 80s, he opened a show on stage for the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK at the world trade center, Boston. And in the early 90s, Greenberg created and hosted a very popular weekly children's radio show, on-air in the St. Louis area, each week with a different young co-host. This show, called RADIOACTIVE KIDS, outsold all other programming at the station and formed a waiting list for sponsors.

But in the mid 90s, Greenberg left radio and began his career in film with a story called YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN VIOLENT a story about corrupt police, who forced kids into an illegal fighting ring for their own profit and entertainment. The story was made into a film, but a film version that Greenberg never liked. Not happy with the look of this finished product, Greenberg pulled it off the market, and has since been working with a new writer to re-brand it in a whole new light. It is now a manuscript for a novel as well as a screenplay, with plans to take it to Hollywood and sell it to a company that can give it the budget and attention it deserves. Now titled, "The Earth is Hollow," Greenberg says this is a whole new story that stemmed from his original but is now so much better and more developed for a wide audience.

Greenberg went on to create several other films including IRONSIDES, loosely based on childhood experiences, MY HOMETOWN, which combined professional actors with regular, every day people, and IN MY MIND, a psychological thriller. Greenberg raised all the funds himself to produce and direct these films.

In early 2022, Greenberg created Mystic River Productions with the goal of helping young talent make a name for themselves in the movie and television business. "I know how difficult it is to break in," he said, "So I hope I can make a difference for a select few children and teens and help them out by creating material specifically written for them... but they still need to prove themselves and have a superior acting ability. I don't just accept everyone but I do hope to help some great to make it big." And to that regard, Greenberg has used his industry contacts to help serious child actors further their careers in the field. "It's the best feeling ever, to see someone who you helped succeed on that level," he said.

In 2022, Greenberg partnered with author and screenwriter Ron Milburn at Bobby Squirrel Productions, and has taken on a new project called "BEYOND DETENTION," a story of seven delinquent boys who become stranded on an island. This is a Greenberg/Milburn Film, with each of them owning half of it, equally.

Greenberg has since gone on to produce several other films and is currently producing all his films in association with Jerry G. Angelo of Rokitpig, in Los Angeles. He also occasionally works with other writers, one of whom, Greenberg made part of Mystic River Productions, – Joe Leone, of NYC.

Other films in development include CRISPY, a horror/thriller, THE LAST BIGFOOT, a family action drama, THE HOLIDAY LIGHT FIGHT, a holiday comedy unlike anything ever made, and THE EARTH IS HOLLOW, a carefully crafted intense drama filled with a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Greenberg says the entertainment industry is in his blood but what he enjoys most is teaching kids to be the best they can be. "I love working with kids in my films, and helping them to become great – showing them how to create something from nothing. Seeing themselves on the big screen at the red carpet premier – that's just the most awesome feeling on earth for them, and is so rewarding for me, watching them take it all in."